How To Travel and Look Adorable

Traveling any number of distances can be exhausting and can create creaky backs and cranky dispostions from long hours of sitting. The upside to traveling is that you’re actually going somewhere, and in the journey, you can look fabulous. Nothing says “well seasoned traveler” more than a woman that looks put together when she steps off the train, plane or automobile.

The first lesson in travel style or obtaining a chic look, is to have luggage that matches. When everything “goes together” it creates a great sense of cohesiveness, which in turn speaks to your timeless style. You don’t have to spend a fortune on name brand stuff, so the key to getting that timeless look is by having bags that go together.

The second lesson is that you want to travel in clothing that won’t be fiercely wrinkled by the time you get to the other side. Nothing screams “disheveled” more than clothing that’s wrinkled beyond the recognition of it’s shape. It goes without saying that wearing pajamas to the airport is no bueno. You are an adult woman who has grabbed life by the horns! Look and be prepared for anything.

Right before the end of the trip I always sneak into the restroom to freshen up, smooth the tousled hair and fix any makeup that got lost on the pillow. There’s usually also restrooms between where you got off and the meeting point.

Below are two great outfits for the traveling woman. Both are laid back with elements of done-up-ness, and the suede luggage is the perfect accessory.  A large tote bag can carry your smaller shoulder bag as well as a book, magazine, cell phone charger, makeup bag, snacks while the larger carry one bag will house some extra clothing things including toiletries.  (Assuming you’ve checked a bag).


Let me know what you think!


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