How To Create Runway Style On A Budget

Isabel Marant is without a doubt one of my favorite designers. If I had to wear only one designer collection for a whole season, I’d easily pick hers. Her style evokes a sense of independence with a dash of playful whimsy. It’s the girl inside of all of us with the bones of a strong independent woman.

It can be tight on the purse, however, to purchase an entire Isabel Marant ensemble and an outfit (shoes, skirt, top) can easily set you back $1500 (yikes). I created an inspired outfit from her spring/summer 2015 collection. I might add that it’s pretty darn adorable, and all for the lower price of $158 (this includes the shirt, skirt and shoes and excludes the accessories).

Outfit 1

I balanced out the tassels and boho feel with a more modern pair of sunglasses to drag you back into the future and the simple black slip-ons are also a nice alternative to heels or ankle boots. They’re also super comfy and thankfully something that’s actually trending this season.

Statement earrings are a big thing this year and they add a very feminine vibe to any look. Think Dolce & Gabbana with their massive earrings that celebrate the femininity in all of us. And finally a suede bucket bag for the sake of suede.

Check it out! Does it work? Does it remind you mildly of an Isabel Marant inspired look? What would you have done differently? Comment below! Outfit details below.

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Cropped poncho top: American Eagle $68

Tasseled skirt: $58

Faux Leather slip on flats: $28

Suede bucket bag: $62

Tasseled Earrings: $13

Rayban Sunglasses: $190

Outfit 2

This all black look cost about $226 including the suede skirt (Mango), the tasseled top (Victorias Secret) and the lace up heels (Express). The key to inspired dressing is pay attention to the types of materials the designers used. Was it silky, super thick textured cottons with lots of woven detail, or lots of see through materials. What was the color palette and how did they style the items. Was it oversized, baggy or fitted. This way you can always mix and match pieces from other vendors and get a pretty great looking outfit. Outfit details are below.
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Top: $70

Skirt: Mango $70

Heels: Express $88

Leather bucket bag: The LXR store $365

Leather tassel earrings: $13


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