Neck Scarves; The Perfect Accessory

I’ve never been good with wearing things around my neck. I somehow feel constricted, or unreasonably self-conscious. Today, however, that may’ve changed.

Whilst I was out and about I meandered into this little thrift store. Initially nothing caught my eye, but I decided to see what scarves they had, since I’ve always loved a great silk scarf, but could never quite manage to walk out the house with it. My eye was instantly drawn to a little scarf in the back and I proceeded to play with it, trying different ways of tying it around my neck in front of the mirror. I was obsessed.

Needless to say, I popped on my sunnies, paid for it, and walked out with it around my neck while the breeze wafted it behind me like a dramatic scene from a 1950’s foreign film. I felt fabulous.

I ran home to shoot some photos to show it off and realized half way through taking pictures that my outfit choice wasn’t necessarily overly interesting. Hopefully the scarf can make up for this blunder.

Check out some fun neck scarf street styles!


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