Black & White Dinner Night

My hubby and I grabbed dinner with a good friend of ours so I quickly threw together this little ensemble. This is a good example of why it’s good to have some of those closet basics that go with lots of different things and always look good. When putting together an outfit in a hurry (where you don’t need to shave your legs, because anyone can throw on a dress real quick..) I go to those basics of mine that I know will work and look good.

In this case it’s these black pants from the H&M Spring Collection that have great zipper detail at the calves. This boho esq blouse is feminine and has great little details at the bib section, making it a unique piece. These black sandals are my go to for anything dressy. Since we’ve moved to the UK for a short period of time I’m super limited in my closet options, so I had to pick a shoe that I knew would be great with a variety of outfit options. I wore chunky earrings to dress the look up a bit and make it unique. Having great accessories can really change the feel of your outfit, so I always keep an eye out for chunky earrings and unique bracelets or necklaces.


DSC_098612 DSC_097816


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