Date Outfit Dilemma’s & Dramas: Date Night

Date night is THE night. It’s the big one. Lunch and drinks are cute and everything but when it comes to being asked to dinner by a fine fellow; extra measure of over all beauty must be taken. If he went through the effort to make reservations at a nice restaurant, then we must make the effort to look our very best.

When it comes to going on an evening date, I will always swear by all black. Not only is it flattering for any skin tone and body type, but it looks ultra sexy. If you don’t have an LBD or two, or three, then you are causing your closet some distress. Three must-have LBD’s to own are the professional,  the fun and the sexy little black dress. With these three combinations you’ll have a solid amount of outfit options no matter what situation you find yourself in. But back to dating. I try to shy away from heavy makeup, bright colors and overly done hair. I love a half done, half un-done look. So a up-do that might be a little loose, minimal eye makeup with a red lip, or a nude lip with smokey eyes. The evening is all about mystery, intrigue and that certain Je ne sais quoi. Black is your best friend, and guys love a girl who loves the skin she’s in. Be confident in your own greatness, and don’t over do it on the beauty side. Let your personality shine.

Look One

A bustier top could be a great closet basic to have. It’s versatile and can be dressed up or down,  and layered with a white oxford shirt, can be worn in the office. Paired here with a midi pencil skirt, strappy heels and a blazer for the shoulder, with a soft lippy and jade earrings you have a totally adorable date night look. Since every retail store doesn’t sell bustiers, try switching it with a black silk tank. You’ll still get that edgy look while using a closet basic.


Look Two

Look two is for the fun, flirty date night. I love the black skater skirt paired with a high neck crop top, it provides coverage in the chest area while your gams are still on for the show. Suede pumps elongate your legs and will temporarily will make you feel like Gisele Bundchen does on the catwalk, which is always a good thing. Splash on a red lip and chunky earrings to amp it up and throw that blazer over your shoulders in case it gets nippy. Love!

In case you thought I left you hanging in the dress department, I actually over did it? I couldn’t pass up these beauties!


These are my absolute favorite styles.  If you feel like you could never don a figure hugging dress, just remember that spanx is your best friend. It’s been my best friend, and it’s the best friend of pretty much every celebrity woman known to man. It keeps everything in place, just so. Never be ashamed of your spanx!

I love a bold shoe with a black dress, it really pops and says something about the wearers personality; they’re fun and full of surprises. If you feel a dress might be too revealing for the night or for your date, throw that blazer over your shoulders for some coverage.

Your outfit might be minimal, but have fun with accessories and play up your features!

On a side note:

If dresses aren’t your jam and you’re more a pants girl, try a high-waisted fitted cigarette leg dress pant with either a silk tank, bustier, or sleeveless blouse. Go for emerald tones if black isn’t your friend, you’ll still look ultra chic and date-night-ready!


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