Music In The Air, Flowers In Your Hair, Festivals Full and Fair; Style How To

Music festivals seem to have become a staple event in the fashion world. It’s a time when celebrities probably feel half normal whilst they waltz about in boho SoCal outfits and where fashion and style bloggers go to show off their effortless style. Everyone else is there to enjoy the show.

The “perfect festival look” is a thing that most online mags and some clothing retailers are grabbing on to as a thing now and H&M even put out a line celebrating Coachella and it’s Palm Springs joie de vivre. Now you too, can look like a desert waif in flowing dresses and flowers in your hair.

If, however, you did not attend, and are not planning on attending, any music festivals now or anytime soon, but you are drooling over the style aesthetics and outfits and long to incorporate it into your wardrobe somehow, then here are some outfit ideas and inspirations.

The key to a solid California look is leather ankle boots for lots of comfortable dancing and small shoulder bags to carry the essentials. Check out these looks!


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