How To Wear That Everything White Outfit

There are so many articles detailing the all white trend, who’s wearing white and which white items you should be wearing, but not everyone is actually explaining how not to look like a wafting cloud. The key to an amazing all white outfit lies in the texture, tone and contrast. Unless you’re wearing a dress, these 3 things will give you an amazing all white look.

If you’re simply wearing a white tee and white jeans you want to break up that blank wall, so throw on a belt that contrasts that, for instance a brown or black, or show a sliver of skin with a cropped top. Accessories are a great way to add a bit of contrast but you don’t have to go overboard with really bold items, stick to neutrals for a simple and cool effect.

In terms of texture; mix lace and knits with other material types. Try to create interest for the eye. For tone, try layering different shades of whites and creams, for instance with a sweater over a tee with a skirt. Play around with these and you’ll see some really amazing looks come about!

Check out these street style looks for inspiration!


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