I love SJP! She’s a true style icon.


sjp, carrie bradshaw, sex and the city, woman, style icon Source: Pinterest

ENG: As she celebrated her 50th birthday recently, let’s just stop and reflect on Sarah Jessica Parker’s always fabulous looks both as the actor and as Carrie Bradshaw. Now, she might not be the most talented of them all in Hollywood, but certainly is (was) the perfect Carrie in the city.

I loved every episode (have my own pink collection), even though the last movie was a bit awkward. But generally, Sex and The City showed us that it is more than OK to be free, independent, sexual, successful and even single. That it is OK to be a woman and want it all while staying a woman. That it is OK to express ourselves, to communicate our thoughts and to shift away from social conventions for our own good.

SJP has become a style icon, she made several unlikely trends chic, and established Manolo Blahnik shoes as…

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