The Oscars: What They Wore

When it comes to award shows, street style, premiers etc. I find myself quite quick to point a finger at the celebrity wearing the crazy dress or weird outfit and in fact I find a sense of joy/sympathy knowing that they wore something that I never would have chosen. I never stopped to think that maybe they love it. Maybe they think it’s gorgeous, and maybe they feel like a queen.

I’ve been writing about style and fashion for a long time now and realized something. It’s quite easy to have an opinion at the cost of someone elses’ dignity, but if it came to it I would never in a million years say those things to their face. I would be a classic a**hole and they would be mortified. For instance, I thought Emma Stones’ dress this year was too yellow and didn’t do much to show off her amazing complexion. But then I stopped and thought that maybe she loved that specific color. Maybe she chose it because she felt beautiful, and if so, then, who am I to take away her freedom of choice by judging her and calling her out on her inferior choice of attire. I actually have absolutely no right. Instead I look at the girl and realize that she radiates in that dress, that she does actually look quite stunning. This same thought translates to non-celebrities as well, if that wasn’t obvious.

We hold onto our freedoms so tightly and are willing to fight tooth and nail for the right to be someone and have our voice and choice be heard without so much as a negative eye glance, (think the anti-vaccine movement, LGBT movement, feminist movement, you name it) yet here we are, taking their choice and throwing it back in their face as if it were inferior to our own wisdom. Now sure, there are some who wear clothing brought to them by stylists and some who follow blindly; trusting that the decision suggested to them will hold up in front of the clicking cameras and babble of opinionated voices. We should offer encouragement to them, then, and say that their beauty far outshines any dress they could wear, or, have we the chance and relationship, we offer an honest but loving opinion.

When it comes to someones identity and self-esteem we should be careful that we aren’t wounding with our words. What if the same were said about us. What if we were thrown in front of a camera and our hair, makeup, skin, body, dress were mercilessly torn a part. The majority of us couldn’t survive it.

Maybe we should encourage and exhort, say kind words, and if even if we think it hideous, we look not at the dress but at the soul wearing it. We would then see beauty and we would lavish them with compliments. It’s what’s right, what’s fair and what makes us beautiful not only on the outside, but also the inside.

What I love about style and fashion is that we can play and have fun with it. You can be anyone or anything you want to be. This is the freedom that we all have, we get to choose. Let’s not take away another persons right to choose simply because it’s not what we would have done. Let’s celebrate their uniqueness, individuality and ability to be creative.

What are your thoughts on how we treat celebrities? Do they deserve our criticism or should we be more forgiving?

This written by a very opinionated and choosy fashion bunny. 


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