All About that Black

There’s nothing quite like having to piece together an outfit that looks amazing during the day, and the night. Whether you work in an office and you’re about to go on a date, or you’re out on the town sight-seeing but also have to grab drinks, or crash the latest club. Finding the perfect outfit to consider both these things can be oh so stressful. Never fear, however, yours truly has come through for you in the greatest way.

Layering a top over a dress is a neat way to change your look completely. Pair your new ensemble with sneakers and your simple outfit gets a fun twist. The difference in textures here (leather-y and silk-y) also make for an interesting ensemble.

At the end of the day, simply toss the things you aren’t wearing into the tote, throw on some earrings and heels, pull out your clutch and you’re good as gold!

Check out some more fabulous Little Black Dresses and shop this look at DAILYLOOK.


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