The New Distressed Denim

I’ve had a love hate relationship with distressed denim for a while now. First I’m obsessed, and find a pair that I love and cherish. And then I hate them and throw them away with anger and fury. But then I slowly love them again and so the cycle goes. That being said I’ve managed to find my way through about 3 or 4 solid pairs of distressed denim. Today is the day I’ve decided to love them again and have, thus, acquired a pair, this being with a handy pair of scissors and some south african ingenuity and innovative thinking. I prefer wearing faded black jeans, and I gave them some cigarette legs to try something different.

The way to totally rock distressed denim without looking poor is to pair it with “nicer” things. A loose button down and some kitten heels with some tasteful accessories ought to pull your whole look together. Try a big comfy turtle neck sweater as a replacement if the weather has a chill.

This look surprisingly has maintained a steady following throughout the last few years and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, any time soon. As much as you, me and the girl next door loves runway chic, we also do love the everyday shabby glam look. Invest in a nice handbag and other accessories and your look is a go!

Have fun trying new things!



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