Winter To Spring Wardrobe Dilemma? How To Make Your Wardrobe Work

Introducing! David Riddick, a fellow stylist with an eye for all things special and beautiful. David is the kind of guy that can take something your eye would pass over, and make it fabulous! He’s agreed to write a little somethin’ for me and I do hope you find it helpful.

Thanks and enjoy!

Catherine Marguerite.



The spring commercials are here and the florals are coming out! Spring is around the corner and what better way to stay on trend than to buy in bulk in sale. Now, you’re probably thinking sale isn’t the first place I should run to if I’m trying to stay up to date with all of the beautiful people in Vogue and on the streets.  Sale, however,  is the perfect place to grab all those forgotten chic pieces,  and also make your wallet ready for a moment you really want to invest in a must have item for the season. Knowing exactly where to shop for these sale items are not what you should be stressed about. Everything should be natural and a surprise. Finding these hidden jewels won’t be a struggle either. Try hitting some of your favorite stores and get those bargains, then venture out into your downtown area and look for those vintage shops or family owned stores. These always have those extra special items that really draw the fashionistas or fashionistos inside.

Always give something a chance! Even if you wouldn’t usually take it off the rack to try on, take it this time, try it on, and envision an amazing outfit, or the versatility of the piece. A tunic dress might be a belted shirt, a sports coat might be a great with many different types of shirts. The key to having great style is to have an open mind, and the willingness to make something work, and to make it beautiful.






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