A Fashion Injustice

The Barlow Toadie Skirt

I just recently saw this on Pinterest and can’t believe I missed it. Not only is it almost a year (or is it two?) old, and not in stock anywhere, but I’m not even sure Barlow is a thing anymore. The reason I love this skirt so much is because it’s simple but versatile. I love style that can be cozy and chic. Think jeans, t-shirts, heels and messy beach hair. That’s my style in a nutshell. Think of my despair when something as simple but beautiful as this no longer exists and can find it’s way into my closet.

On a side note; makes you wonder what other really amazing clothes, shoes etc have been simply done away with. Like an artists painting forgotten in a cellar somewhere. It might seem a bit extreme considering we’re talking about an article of clothing. But think about, a woman sat down, was inspired, and sketched it. Picked out the material and saw it made into life.

Enter the Barlow Toadie Skirt.

Drool with me.



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