The Michelangelo of Fashion: Vogue’s Grace Coddington

Love this article about Grace Coddington is absolutely amazing and her way of seeing things is always an inspiration.

Haute & Restless


“If Wintour is the Pope . . . , Coddington is Michelangelo,
trying to paint a fresh version of the Sistine Chapel twelve times a year.”
-Mary Pols, Time 

Born in Anglesey, Wales, Grace Coddington was the shy daughter of a hotel owner. She spent her childhood playing on the beach and becoming enthralled with British Vogue (reading issues that often arrived at the local store three months late). She would become a model, a fashion editor and then the creative force behind American Vogue as we know her today.

Coddington certainly has a fascinating life and an impressive artistic vision. She’s worked behind the scenes at Vogue creating the most beautiful stories with the world’s best photographers, and highlighting the fashion of the moment at the same time. One of my favorite spreads of hers is a Beauty and the Beast themed editorial, shown in the image above (photographed…

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