Spring Blush

.Dear Ladies of the world,

It’s a known fact that caking on makeup has the opposite effect on guys than what we would’ve wanted or expected. So, instead of layering on foundation, why not let’s do a Free Our Glow Campaign and let our skin breathe a little. Spring is upon us, and soon summer will be too. Your natural glow is the most attractive feature that you could have, and enhances your total look.

Eating healthy and drinking lots of water and making sure you’re not consuming food you’re allergic too or can’t tolerate, is the key to having fresh, glowy skin. I don’t particularly exercise a lot (who am I kidding, I never exercise) and I’m not at all a high-maintence person, but I do know what my skin hates, and what it loves. For instance it practically drinks coconut oil, so at night after I’ve washed my face I apply a VERY thin layer of it on my face and my body (organic of course). I also have a very fine creamy facial cleanser/toner with a find scrub that I use almost every day to wash off the days impurities and any makeup I had on my face, and in the mornings I have a tinted moisturizer/sun block I put on my face. I also know that eating a ton of chocolate and unrefined sugar is death to my skin and complexion. Knowing your body and what it loves is the first step to getting that healthy glow.

A trend I see happening more and more often, is that women are going for a more natural look, since Spring is almost here. It makes sense that we want to feel fresh and clean in this mild and balmy weather. A look I’ve been loving is that soft natural skin with a blush and a dewy complexion, with soft eyes. Here is how I’ve been achieving that look:

Step 1. In the mornings I apply a organic moisturizer to my skin. It’s not heavy at all and after a few days gives you a natural tan that’s very light. I love this because it gives my skin that natural glow, it also blocks harmful UV rays, this slows down that aging process. Find something that suits your skin type! I love organic, paraben free products because my skin won’t be absorbing any unhealthy chemicals.

Step 2. Depending on how my day looks and how long I need my “face” to last, I apply a very light primer, again nothing heavy. It should feel like water on your skin.

Step 3. Powder. I never use a cream based foundation on my skin, it’s just too heavy and makes my face feel cake-y. I brush powder that matches my skin tone on my cheeks, top of my forehead, nose and chin. Also along my jaw line, the center of my neck and collar bones. This creates color cohesiveness which means that your face isn’t a different color than your neck and chest. Ladies, it looks terrible when this happens!

Step 4. Apply a light blush to your cheeks! Make sure you’re doing it in such a way that it highlights your cheek bones. You don’t want to look clownish. This will give your skin a natural rosy cheek appeal. It also keeps your face from looking washed out. I’ve loved experimenting with everything from peachy tones to very light, bright pink. Find one that matches your skin tone! A blush that I’ve been using also has a shimmery aspect to it, this allows for that dewy look.

Step 5. Eyes! All I do is wear a slightly shimmery nude eyeshadow all over the eye lid, with a little brown or black eyeliner blended in just on the top lid, and mascara. Thats it.

Step 6. Lips! Lip balm or gloss is what I use to complete my look. If I need to add a bit extra I’ll do a nude lip color with some shimmer to it, or a pink tinted lip balm.

Look Complete!

Love the skin you’re in. Taking care of yourself now will ensure beautiful, healthy skin when you’re older!

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