Springs’ Most Fun Accessory: The Strappy Sandal

Ladies, the weather is finally changing, it’s warming up, and this Spring has an array of fun accessories to spice up that outfit of yours. It’s the eternal battle of taking it from “meh”, to “yes!”. At the present moment I love love love the strappy sandal.

This look has that contrats of feminine blouse, rough jeans and a strappy sandal to tie it all in together.
This look has that contrast of the feminine blouse, distressed jean and a strappy sandal to tie it all in together.

I recently got a pair of black heeled ones and I want to wear them every single day. The fun thing is, is that they actually work with most, if not all outfits. In that sudden moment of panic when you don’t think you have a shoe to match your outfit, throw on the strappy black sandal and you’re all set. It just works. I’ve worn mine with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy tee, skinnny jeans and a blouse, an oversized sweater and tights. And of course, the LBD. They’re classy, elegant, feminine and the straps and simplicity of it create a point of interest in your outfit.

When getting dressed I always think, “how can I make it better”, keeping in mind that I live to be comfortable. So instead of throwing on that same pair of flats I do every time, or boots, I adjust it and throw on that strappy sandal, giving it that extra oomph. It does something to a woman to show off her beautiful feet, this is certainly the way to do it.

Check out a few of the looks below and get inspired!


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