A Resolution

It’s the New Year!

I’m starting this new year with more vigor and commitment to this little diddly than ever before, bringing fresh ideas and suggesting new ways to do things when it comes to your wardrobe, and hopefully inspire you with little hints at a way to do life better.If it wasn’t for a glorious time with family and friends over the Christmas season, I would have done a Holiday special including New Year’s Eve – what to wear when you’re ringing in the New Year with friends and family, how to shine and be glamorous, or simply just be comfortable and have fun. I’ll make amends by throwing all of my time and energy into the new you. You and so many others have made resolutions that this year is the year that you’re going to be healthy, get in shape, be a better you.

In a professional world  – one teemed with certain airs and graces – there are certain rules to live by not meant to control or manipulate, but rather  to bring influence and therefore freedom through bearing oneself with honor and dignity. You may find this offensive.  I’ve come to re-appreciate being a lady and have found myself more and more enjoying the company of others who value themselves and have a sense of propriety in how to treat not only themselves but also their fellow sexes. It’s true that one must never judge another by outer appearance or inner inaptitude but to judge fairly and equally. The truth remains though that once we are cleaned up and presentable with all the buttons buttoned, shoes shined,  kindness in your eyes and a cheerful smile on your lips that the world tends to fall at your feet, tea brought to you with dainty cookies and small children singing your praises. This is the mark of someone who is an influencer. This is you.

You may think it unnecessary, impossible, a foolish idea or a pompous notion but facts remain facts. You can hide yourself under layers of nothingness but sooner or later the real you has to come to the surface, and it will.  This year is the year of greatness, the year that everything changes. Misfortunes will become fortunes, failed relationships will mend themselves in such a way that both parties enjoy a new contentment and you’ll find yourself having a new hope, a new lease on life. I call this year “The Game Changer”. You can choose to be a part of it, or not. Of course it will take some effort, some work, but the odds have never been more highly in your favor. Apply yourself and see magic happen. Write the books you’ve always wanted to write, the songs that needed to be sung. Travel, eat great food and drink great wine. Make the deals that change it all. Risk.  Even when it comes down to it being just you. Choose to love without expectation, live in such a way that you find your peace and current joy no matter what your situation. Choose to be better. We live in a world surrounded by tragedy and the ugly things of this world are constantly being revealed, the baseness that humanity can reach. When you choose hope and light you cause a revolt that forces things to be better. They must. You are an influencer, no matter what your station in life is. If you are a maid, then be the best maid there ever was, serving with cheerfulness and a happy heart. If a president, then choose mercy over judgment; live kindly.

All in all, let us together make 2013 the year we can fondly look back on saying, “that’s really where it all began”. Let us tell stories of people who did great things, let us be inspired. It’s only up from here on out, and together we can choose to be better. Let us bring a revolution of hope and do our very best to influence, doing so with confidence, honor, and dignity. Knowing who we are and what it is that we stand for, the battles we are willing to fight and the ones we will humbly lay down.

Let us act then as Kings and Queens of our world, according to the greatness that lies within all of us.


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