Essential Items for the Modern Man Part 3

In the last few weeks we’ve been covering those essential things that every guy needs in his closet.

Sure, you have tons of clothes, and your closet is practically overflowing with t-shirts, sweaters and suits  (those are from when you played football in high school). But do you have the tees that fit right? The sweaters that compliment instead of detract, and lastly the suit, the one that makes a man out of you?

This week’s article will be focused on just that suit. Fellas, it’s imperative that you have a good suit. Whether you have to save or sell a kidney, get one. Looking dapper and handsome is one of the many reasons to own one but also, when a woman sees a man in a suit something like fireworks, loud clapping and shouts of joy and mirth, children cooing and carnations being thrown about the streets ensues. That’s more or less the reaction you’ll receive because of how good you look.

The right fitting suit should sit snug about the shoulders, but not so snug that you can’t move about just a little. You should be able to button it comfortably in the front but not so comfortably that there’s plenty of room. The arms (cuff) should sit about half an inch from the edge of the palm. The length of the jacket should end right about the top of the thigh (depending on the style).

The pants should have a nice slim leg and should be about an inch above the ground. The backside should sit comfortably and not have any pull marks from the material either being to tight, or baggy-ness from it being too loose. The pants will fit comfortably if you can fit at least a finger in the waist band. They should also sit right around the hips.

Shoe-wise you could do something like an oxford. Either with fun socks that peek out, or a no-show sock for a more edgy appeal.

Below are some outfit inspiration and fit guides!


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