Beach Babe to City Slicker Part 5

The Blazer

Why do I love a blazer so much?  A blazer can be worn with your shorts, shredded blue denim or dress pants, and it’ll work all around. Pair it with a blouse or vintage tee and it just works. It can be layered with a oversized cardi and rolled at the sleeves with your cigarette leg trousers and pumps or thrown on over a tee and skinny’s with booties for a dressed down effect. Fit wise I’d go for something that’s tailored, especially if you have a “straight up and down” build. For this specific blazer (there are hundreds of different styles of blazers) keep it fit and trim. No more than two buttons and a nice little baby flare at the hip. Keep the collar the standard size (though I’m always a fan for a nice, high collar) and try on blazers with different material. You don’t necessarily want to get one out of the business wear section at your local department store (those tend to be a bit bland) but choose one that has a hint of sass. Good for day and evening wear.

Below are some outfit inspirations!


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