Essential Items For the Modern Man

In an effort to have every man looking handsome and dapper, full of self-confidence and suave, we’ve decided to cover the 5 essential items every man needs in his wardrobe. They’re the items you’ll create a history with, the ones that have memories and stories attached to them. This weeks Essential Item for the Modern Man is, then, without a doubt, the Raw Denim.

The logistics behind raw denim is that its simply denim that hasn’t been washed after the dying process. The uniqueness of raw denim created a following of lovers that will wear only raw since it molds to your specific body shape. The whiskering (upper thighs), honey combs (behind the knees) and stacks (at the ankles) are naturally worn in over time without the help of a factory worker. The denim, in essence, is then fully your creation. Over time it fades and becomes fully “you”. Some prefer to not wash their denim for over 6 months at a time to maintain its raw look and feel.

When it comes to fit, make sure your denim is tailored to fit you. Wearing denim in the right fit includes one that isn’t overly baggy, but fits nice and snug in all the right places.

Having a good go-to pair of dark wash denim will make it easier for you to grasp your wardrobe, and a lot easier to pick out a solid outfit.

Some places that have great denim is or even Asos, Levi’s has a good line as well.

Below are some visuals to help get you inspired and headed in the right direction!


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