“Dress to Impress”..The When, The Where

Every now and then we get those invites to rendezvous and then we hear or see those three little words. Dress to Impress. Every time that happens I always end up feeling split emotions. Do I wear the little cocktail dress with glittery heels? Or the pencil skirt and silky top..The skinny jeans and chiffon blouse with accessories? I always wonder what they want or expect from me. And somehow, by the grace of higher powers, I manage to look somewhat put together and my outfit is approved of. This is how I do it.

What it comes down to are the two questions: When and Where.

The When.
Is it in the morning? The afternoon? Or the evening? In this case, the evening. So I know I’ll be wearing something black. (My whole closet happens to
Consist of mostly black, creams and blues). Were it in the morning, I’d wear something light and airy.

The Where.
Restaurant? Birthday Party at someone’s home? In this case it’s a restaurant, a swanky restaurant. Leave that bright little cocktail dress at home, the last thing you want is to look like you just came from Prom. Swanky restaurants aren’t necessarily for splashy, glittery, bright or sparkly outfits. Demure and classy (with a hint of modest sexy) is your best bet if you’re clueless as to what to wear. If the soirée is at your BFFs house or a club and it’s close friends, by all means, it’s time for the glitter and sparkles to come out in full force and to have fun.

You might not be the person that cares a whole lot, but remember that the people around you might. Ultimately you’re representing yourself, your friends, and ultimately the venue. Dressing right for the occasion will create a wealth of wonderful first impressions.

Impress your world! Create an impression, a dent, per-say, and you can be remembered as wonderful, caring, kind, witty and charming and the world will be your stage.

Have fun and create a memorable experience!


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