Tourist/Home-Body Mini-Cation “How-To”

You’re touristing around a new and foreign town – this is how to not look like those guys you see with the flood pants, awkward hats and hawaiian shirts. Instead you’ll look like a foreigner checking out the lay of the land and you won’t look like a creep or a dork. Being comfortable in your skin no matter where you are is probably the most attractive thing in the world and in no time you’ll be a local.

You’ve just woken up early and you’re about to throw on your favorite sweats and tee.. instead of going for the sweats that neither fit you in waist or leg, reach out for something a little more pleasing to the eye. Remember, you’re in a foreign town. This is the part where you get to look super good, look like a visitor and be mysterious about it. Saunter down to the coffee shop around the corner, get an espresso. Remember your sunnies. Grab a newspaper and get familiar with the locals.

From here you’ll probably take a walk about town. Let the inner explorer in you come out with full force, find the local spots for food and drink. The local spots are usually the best and usually the most hidden. Here is where you’ll get the culture of the town, hear the best stories, find out the true history and leave with a few more friends, all over a mug of the best local beer. Wear something that breathes and is massively comfortable. Cotton is your best bet, stick to your basic white v-neck tee and a pair of shorts, roll up the cuffs to add something extra and wear your fav boat shoes or leather sandals.

In the afternoon hit the closest body of water you can find whether its beach, pool or lake and make use of rays chock full of vitamin D, it gets your endorphins going and ensures your mini-cation will leave you feeling rested as well as having a killer tan.  Siesta with a book or two and educate yourself, or alternatively sleep off the previous nights endeavors. In choosing your bathing suit try something different, other than your baggy board shorts from six Summers ago. Remember fitted and lean is good. Don’t be nervous to show some leg. Leg is good.

As soon as the sun starts heading in a direction that looks like down, gather your stuff and head back to your B&B room. At this point you’ll want to shower, aloe , answer some emails and get ready for dinner. Smooth and svelt are the key words you’ll want to keep in mind. Think Bond. Definitely dress according to your level of ritz. If you’ve decided to revisit that local pub and grab whatever food they have there, then stick to the oxfords, chino and tee with a watch to accessorize. If the local five star restaurant with chef infamous for fabulous food is more your jam, then lean more towards a light grey, slim-fit linen suit and white fitted dress shirt that’ll make the ladies swoon. Keep it relaxed and leave the tie behind but don’t forget your watch. Keep the shoes classy and if the weather is balmy, feel free to leave the jacket and roll up the sleeves of your shirt.

After dinner, grab a night-cap at the hotel bar, meet more interesting visitors and settle your evening with a relaxed game of poker with your new friends.

Mini-cation complete. You’re now rested, tan, and a handful of people richer.


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