The Summer Face

The pitiful thing about the Summer heat is that there’s nothing quite as glamorous as being hot and sweaty, with runny eyeliner highlighting the crevices under your eyes. Bronzer settled on your burnt cheeks and also in your neck in clumps of shimmery powder. This is tutorial on how to not let that happen.

Firstly, save your skin by drinking tons of water! (At least 8 glasses a day). Not only will this help clear your skin, but it will aid in getting rid of toxins in your body, alleviating excessive sweating. Secondly invest in natural, paraben-free cleanser, toner, a eye cream and a light moisturizer to help your face keep a natural glow and freshness. I’ve used Yves Rochers’ Inositol Vegetal line for some time and its proven beyond effective. A good facial in the morning and  at night is imperative for your skin to be at its best.

During the Summer I like to keep my face free of layers of make up, specifically because it’s warm, your pores are more open resulting in the absorption of pretty much anything that touches your skin, resulting in break outs and all round feeling dirty. Keeping a fresh, dewy glow is by far the most attractive thing on a woman, especially if you have that sun-kissed look.

The key to keeping a fun, natural look alongside wild and fun hair without looking like you slept under a bridge, is by choosing your few Summer go-to cosmetics carefully. The first is a thin powder, the same shade as your skin to lightly dust over your cheek bones, nose, chin, forehead, center of the neck and collar bones. That takes care of any sheen you might have without losing the natural glow. If you need to cover some spots, choose your favorite concealer and lightly dab on before the dusting. The second is a light shimmery powder in a champagne color or something similar, but not white (I sometimes actually use eyeshadow). Take this and dust it on the tops of your cheek bones, tip of the nose and top of the forehead, this will highlight and cause that dewy effect. If you wanted to do a eyeshadow, I’d go for ones with natural tones that have a slight shimmer to them but not anything that will stand out, remember natural is key. Having a waterproof mascara will save your day if you decide to spontaneously go to the lake, beach or pool and you won’t be the one with black streaks down your cheeks. Invest in a gentle make-up remover to remove at night. Last but not least is two kinds of eyeliner. One liquid (waterproof of course) and one pencil. The pencil can be used to create a smokey look and the the liquid to create a cute cat-eye to keep your summer-look looking put together but still beachy, trendy and fresh. This whole process of application should take you no longer than 15 minutes giving you enough time to splash around and soak up those rays during the rest of the day! Keep your hair wavy and beach looking by spritzing it with a home made salt water concoction. This will give you that textured look too.


Enjoy your new makeover, eat healthy with fresh fruits and veggies and have fun!



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