City Slicker Series..Part One

The next few weeks will be dedicated to a few versatile things to have in your closet that take you from beach babe to smokin’ city slicker, in a flash!

We all recognize that one can only rock your cutoff shorts and racerback tanks for so long, before you have to hand them in and trade for something with a little more ritz, sheen and class. Luckily, when innovation and sass is used, the two worlds can be combined and you find a whole new style emerge, it’s the one that people around you will envy and without a doubt, emulate. Simply because, its you.

The whole reason behind this is that you want to show some level of versatility, the ability to ease in and out of different “cultures”, social circles, the works. Versatility in style shows a level of maturity that defines who you are to people who will see you as someone who isn’t held within a box of comfort of whats “easy”. Rather, be someone that shows the ability to take risks and isn’t trapped by form and function, though these create boundaries that can guide us, but they dont rule us, and allow us to play. Whether we like it or not, who we are on the outside says a lot about who we are on the inside, who it is that we aspire to be or where we see ourselves in 5 years from now. Dress for the woman you want to be, and want to be perceived as. It’s never as difficult as it seems!

Having a few key basic items will ensure that you can actually throw something on, and feel put together!


Our first article of clothing is simply, a classic cropped pant.

My personal favorite is a skinny ankle pant. The fit could either be a higher waist or a lower waist depending on your body type. A high-waisted pant looks fabulous on someone with a long torso, if your torso is a bit shorter, stick to a low-rise. The skinny pant will also elongate your legs, giving you an elegant and sophisticated look. Look for something made with mostly cotton but that has a little stretch in it, make sure the material is soft and, if possible, not denim. Since winter is around the corner, a wool twill pant could be a fun little investment.  This can be worn with anything from pumps or booties and a silk blouse to cute nude flats and a fun tank, complete with accessories such as bracelets, necklaces or drop earrings. Getting it in colors are a fun way to spruce up your wardrobe, but classic black is, well, classic!

Check out the different styles below for some outfit inspiration!



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