Beach Babe To Smokin’ City Slicker, in a Flash! Part Two

And its back! Part Two.

As previously discussed, we’re nearing the end of our Summer fabulous beach day lives and soon, must return to the real world. Whether thats school or work in the city,  the transition from beach babe to city gal can be smooth and easy, without having to do a complete closet overhaul. The last article we covered was the solid cropped pant. Nothing will befit this article of clothing better than the good solid blouse.

My favorite go-to blouses are always solid colored, and almost always silk or a nice sheer silk-chiffon. Not only do they have nice movement and super-softness, but they’re also class at its best and they  will, with proper care, last you a long while. Its a classic statement piece that will never go out of style. I have a beautiful ivory colored silk blouse that I wear with absolutely everything. High-waisted vintage short shorts in a light wash with leather strappy flat sandals or even that high-waisted cropped black pant with some killer pumps. It all works, and always looks good. I definitely have my fair share of solid colored blouses and I’ve started branching out and have some  fun floral patterns. This season I’m loving big prints that have more of a art deco, vintage flare, but that can transition easily into Fall and Winter wear.

Below are some outfit ideas! Hope it helps, enjoy!


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