Lip Craze!

by Cat Russell

Ladies, it’s almost Spring time! The pull of the Summer sun is close and all around we’re starting to see colors emerge in wardrobes as women of the world are waiting with eager anticipation for the suns warming touch.

Our wardrobes, so far, have functioned as the main source of color during this drab, cold winter. If you’re anything like me you have a winter closet consisting of grays, whites, blues, blacks and lots of stripe-y things. Venture out of this Winters frost and throw on something that pops! A look we’ve been LOVING and has been around for a while, but not actually seeing “in real life”, is the coral lip. Ladies, don’t be afraid of your obvious beauty.

So far we’ve gone through the reds, and it’s been great, but start hinting at that Summer sizzle, lazy siestas and glowing skin with this gorgeous hue. Deviate to the tangerines, soft pinks and shimmering nudes and champagnes and your whole look will sparkle with energy. (Keep your eye makeup neutral if your going bold so your lips can get the attention.)

Pair your gorgeous colored lips with that monotone outfit and your face will look brighter, your outfit complete and put together. (Throw a vague shimmer on the tops of  your cheek bones, forehead and nose to make your face glow.)  Alternatively, if you’re going with that shimmery nude or champagne, pull out those red or coral jeans you’ve been dying to wear with some nude pumps, a white or light yellow comfy tee with fun summer beach hair and your look will scream “Where the heck is summer, I’m obviously ready”.

In closing, don’t be afraid to live and let live, wear your lips with pride! Whether its with a grey hoodie and messy fishtail braid, fav leggings and riding boots or your LBD, you can wear your colors and wear ’em well.


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