Summer of ’59

by Cat Russell 

Inspiration From A Different Time



The late 50’s and early 60’s were a rich time for fashion and style inspiration. Sizzling as the sun, maybe just as blond, style was taking a fresh and freeing turn into the new decade. All the world over women embraced a classy-ness and poise peppered with liberated expression and decadent choices. Every day a little more luxe than the last.

Edith Head, a stylist famed for dressing the famous, said, “You can have anything in life if you dress for it”. This quote rang true then, as it does today. Pooling from a time era, we found actresses and models, presidents wives and moms who all shared a general disposition and outlook on style and fashion; classy and elegant, both in nature and personal dress, mixed with the joi de vivre of a simple, yet enriched life.

Find inspiration in everything! We found inspiration in Bridget Bardot’s perfect yet not perfect hair, her fun loving personality and her lust for life. It goes without saying that Audrey was as down to earth as the girl next door, and seems to have had a certain charm about her that inflicted a dear heart-pain on everyone within her reach. The list carries on of women who inspire us from that time, despite their struggles. Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, Edie Sedgwick, the list goes on.

The style inspiration we derive from this “Joi De Vivre” time period is the minxy cat-eye eyeliner mixed with our wild and free hair styles. The simplicity of high-waisted skinny trousers and tanks with flats that carry that ease of every day. Bridget wore a t-shirt with cropped skinny jeans in a picture of her dancing around with a guitar and later we see her lounging about in a bathing suit. From there Audrey takes us to high waisted shorts with her adorable sailor inspired t-shirts and flats and we see Jackie owning it with a gorgeous smile.

Never feel like you have to be stuck with a certain look or style. Be free to experiment and find what you love and what works.  Grab ideas from the 50’s, 60’s etc  and incorporate them in your wardrobe. You’ll not only feel elegant and fun, but your timelessness and ease will be noted by everyone including strangers on the street.








3 Replies to “Summer of ’59”

  1. Very well written. I needed to read this bc it is so easily to get consumed by current trends and the media says what’s in or what has been inspired by celebrities . I’ve learned to wear what I like.. What expresses who I. Am and not for the satisfaction of others or even brand names. We all have style but we must finds ways to discover our own.

    I really enjoyed reading this article.

    Xoxox mannie


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