Products We Love: For the Ladies

by Cat Russell

I’m the sort of person that cannot stand dry skin, at all. When I see other women with dry hands my heart secretly breaks because our limbs are meant to be things of beauty. They’re meant to be approachable, touchable and lovable.

I was raised by a mother who believed whole-heartedly in moisturizing. Growing up I remember seeing moisturizer in the car, in her hand bag, by her bedside and God knows where else. As such I have become like this. I, too, have developed the knack of keeping these luscious liquids everywhere and as such have soft, supple skin that has a faint glow to it.

In seeing the dilemma of dry skin among women, I’ve decided to share some of my favorites in an attempt to restore beauty to the masses. Moisturizing daily is critical for your skin to remain healthy and flexible. As we age our skin loses its elasticity, thus its ability to remain smooth, shiny and wrinkle-free. By moisturizing now (and having a healthy diet) you enable yourself to have near-perfect skin well into your golden years. One look at my mothers hands and my point is proven.

Below are some of my all time favorites. I literally NEVER go without these, they are life savers and keepers of beauty. Secret potions, if you will.

My first favorite is Yves-Rocher’s Arnica Precious Massage Oil. Meant for your hands and nails, I douse my whole body in this glory right after I’ve taken a shower. You’ll see your skin glowing in no time at all. From the same company, the Traditional Gardenia Oil is just as amazing. I use this product year round too and it just soaks right in. It does smell strongly of Gardenia, which is completely luxurious but the scent wears off after about an hour, though faint notes will stay behind. You can use it in you hair for that fresh summer glow and before and after sunning yourself. It protects your skins elasticity and the oils will leave you with a subtle Tahitian glow.

My next favorite is Boots Skin Balm. It contains rose oil and geranium oil, both known for their soothing effects. The balm is made of beeswax and other natural oils and is an intensive hydrater. I often use it on my hands, elbows and knees during the winter months and sometimes on my arms and feet. I also use it as a lip balm. Though the company is British, I found some at Bath and Body works, and Target.

My next favorite product is by C.O. Bigelow. Their Rose Salve is perfect in every way. It smells faintly of roses and has this pink hue that can’t be compared to anything I’ve seen. I use it most often on my lips but have used it on my hands and elbows. It’s with me everywhere I go and have been known to stock up in case of the  Apocalypse. You can find this glory online or at Bath and Body Works.

Last but not least at all, my favorite body lotion, Hamamelis Super Soft Body Lotion by Yves-Rocher. It’s not a heavy cream at all and soaks right into your skin, leaving it soft, shiny and smooth. It doesn’t leave behind any oily residue at all and it’s almost like you’ve put water on your skin and simply dried it off.

So there you have it Ladies. No more excuses for dry skin! Moisturize and watch your friends hold onto your hands in a quiet desperation to feel what real skin is like.

Happy Holidays!


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