Shoes, Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

by Cat Russell 

Every girl needs a full collection of those shoe basics for her closet. A shoe for every occasion, whether its your basic nude heel or your black ballet flat. You never want to be found in a situation where you’re frantically throwing on a dress to rush off to that wedding you’re probably late for (this might not actually be an issue you have), but then realize you have no shoes to wear. Or you’re still wearing those little heels that have a strong hint of “2002 office wear”.

An amazing shoe can make any outfit complete. Pairing amazing ballet flats with cut off shorts automatically makes your outfit work, or a pair of killer heels thrown with a more modernistic dress (that could other-wise be mistaken for as a burlap sack cloth) can complete the outfit and make you look like the runway model you always wanted to be. Pair that same sack cloth with lame shoes, lame hair and lame accessories, and you are now homeless. Shoes can be organized into an upside down pyramid of importance, per say. On the top you’d have the basic ones that you could pair with anything, then towards the bottom the more fun ones you get to play around with that might not necessarily match with a whole lot in your closet, but can wear out if the occasion calls for. I have a pair of 4 inch gold pumps that I’m in love with, but couldn’t wear every day and nor would I consider it a basic. A basic need shoe will always be in neutral colors and can be dressed up and down, good for whatever occasion.

Here’s a short list of some basics:

The Ballet Flat. It has always been a necessity, whether it’s a round or point toe, and is so multi-functional. I’ve always preferred the point toe as its different take on the classic flat. Talbots has a great patent leather flat, the “Nelli” that’s affordable and adorable. Always buy your go-to shoes in leather, this way they last longer and will be the most comfortable in the long run. The next must-have shoe is the boot. Having a tall boot with either no height or  1 inch wedge, would save time and hassle when running out the door on the way to errands. My favorite must have boot is the “Intyce” boot by Steve Madden. Its style is simple but elegant, very understated but completes any outfit.

The Heels.

The heeled boot is also a must-have. A step above a flat boot, you can feel dressed to impress and your toes will stay warm. This season my favorite basic heeled boot are the booties or ankle boots. The “Tobago” by Hive and Honey on are tickling my fancy, but any style would do though the more simple the style, the more versatile it is.

To start with, one should have a nude and black pump. From there you can branch out to different colors and styles. Your basic pump should have class and elegance. Steve Madden’s The “Traisie” is a good classic, and also “Whistle Patent” by Chinese Laundry. As for a black heel, you can never go wrong with a good pointed toe. Guess’ “Carrie” shoe is pretty perfect and is definitely a day-to-evening wear shoe. Whether style or color is your motivation, a fun heel can do numerous things for oneself, whether its make a grey day happy or add that punch a neutral outfit needs. When going for style over color, a good wedged heel is always fun. Steve Madden’s “Pammie” is super fun and comes in neutral or black. If choosing color over style, go for something that’s bold. I’m loving jewel tones this season and Bakers Shoes have a good selection. The “Karen WP” is a gorgeous shoe and the color is perfect.

All in all, when browsing through your closet and deciding whats missing, don’t feel the need to rush into your purchase decisions. Take it slow and easy and wait for that perfect shoe that fits your style and need. After you’ve figured that out, go for the wants and slowly but surely you’ll see a closet with a fabulous repertoire. Remember quality over quantity!

Happy Holidays!


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