Basic Pieces Every Guy Needs. Part Seven.

The Shirt

by Cat Russell  

During the 90’s we saw our men wear balloons as shirts. We could assume that in an attempt to personify the rebellious anti-everything movement which happened in the 70’s and 80’s, it caused the masses to all, collectively, look completely homeless with their oversize flannel shirts and dirty jeans. Whether its been to save the Planets supply of cotton, or an attempt to remind fellow-man that they were meant to be handsome, the yards of cloth they were swathed in were slimmed down and today we find men’s shirts to be slim-cut and more refined looking. We went from the peasant look with over-size clothing to a far more sophisticated and sleek gentleman who carries both confidence and resolve, who refuses to give in to what has now become the status quo. What we call the “poor” look.

Slim fit shirts are definitely the next item needed in your wardrobe if you’re that guy that has no dress shirts. The reason you’d want this staple item is that it’ll add a sense of manliness to a closet fraught with Spiderman t-shirts and, paired with basically any outfit, will step your overall look up a notch and you will without fail be noticed by both sexes in the professional and social realms of your life.

The Slim fit shirt need not be skin-tight, any extra material around the arms and the sides (more than 2 inches) and you’re leaning to a more relaxed dress shirt, this is good for wearing un-tucked with chinos and boat shoes.  Stick to light colors and forgo the bold ones unless you’re aware of what looks good with your skin tone. Remember if something makes you look more pale than you really are, cast it aside. On the flip side, if your skin tone is darker and that dark shirt swallows you, also cast it aside unless you’re going for that dangerous, demure look. Dont get too near shirts with bold patterns, but stick to subtle and you’ll be a winner.

Whether you’re going out at night or to the office to work, wear this shirt with confidence and you’ll see your attractive points sky rocket, catching the eye of everyone around you.


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