Basic Pieces Every Guy Needs. Part 3.

The Classic/Basic Tee.

The classic white tee has been around longer than most can remember and will always and forever remain the one staple article of clothing that both men, and women, alike will always fall back on because it’ll always look good.

Not many realize the power the white tee holds. Paired with dark jeans and whatever shoe you’re in the mood for, be it boat shoes or oxfords, you’d have enough classic crisp and clean that exudes that quintessential American look.  Nothings  as much of an understatement as this piece but it speaks volumes.

Fit wise it should’nt be too baggy unless it has a scoop neck, v-neck and crew neck tees could be a little more tight-fitted. If you’re looking for a tee that has some pizazz in color or with pattern, make sure the color goes with your skin tone. As ridiculous as this sounds, you dont  want to wear something that pales you, or makes you look like you have jaundice.

If you have blue eyes, for instance, a blue tee will make them pop, also a good yellow. But if you have pale skin, stick to light colors and they’ll add depth to your skin tone and stay away from pitch black, the vampire look is long gone. Medium and dark skin tones work well with most colors. Patterns or prints are easy and do-able most of the time. If its a little vintage pair it with chino’s or a dark, jean. That way you dont look like you got spat out of a time machine. Remember to experiment with new looks and have fun!


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