Basic Pieces Every Guy Needs. Part 2.

The Jean.

Jeans can be a worrisome thing to pick out if you’re not used to whats good. Colour, cut and fit are all important factors in choosing that basic jean that you’ll probably need. You’ve probably discounted different styles because it wasnt “you”, or ignored the rules altogether and are still wearing faded bell-bottoms or baggy ghetto jeans.

Levi’s 510’s Super Skinny, Rigid Stretch. $58

Just in case you didnt know, NEVER wear either of those,                                          they’re just plain terrible.

First lets cover different cuts. The basic list includes super skinny’s, skinnys, a slim leg, boot cut and so on until you’re wearing parachute pants.

There is no such thing as a certain style not being “your type”, this is a myth every man faces and a secret fear, that he may get exposed to something he isnt used to. Have no fear, a dear old friend (age 55) tried on Levi 5’10s (which are the super skinny’s of Levi jeans) and loved them. Thrown together with a solid color v-neck and dress shoes and he looked like a million dollars. Levi’s also has the “ex-girlfriend” which are even skinnier, but those are reserved for the more avant gaurde.

Logistically Speaking.

So the trick is in how you wear it. Sure wear the super skinnys with massive skater shoes and you’ll still fit in with most high school kids these days, but pick a dressier shoe like a boot or oxfords (a dressy sneaker type shoe like Toms or some newer vans styles for casual days) and you’re good to go for Fall/Winter. You’d also be welcomed into the adult world.  For most men across the board a pair of straight, slim or regular skinny jeans are always a winner. They’ll be trendy forever and you’ll always look put together and age appropriate. Nothing is worse than mistaking a guy for a high school kid when he’s in his 20’s. Size-wise stick to something a touch more fitted, as in, you can only fit one finger maybe two in the waist band, any bigger and you look like you cant afford clothing. Also being fitted, not too fitted though,  around the thigh and buttox area is good. Snug is good. Embrace it. The bottom of the pant should sit about 1” to 2” off the ground depending on the look you’re going for.

Now you ask what shade of blue? A good dark blue jean will always be effective and will always look good whether you’re wearing anything from a tank top to a dress shirt. Regular blue jeans are good for every day but they definitely miss that pop that the dark blue jean will offer. After you’ve acquired your “dont have but need” jean, experiment with  colored and distressed jeans, pairing them again with a dress shoes (oxfords, boots) and a graphic t. Remember to stick to jeans that are made primarily from cotton. Leather was never a good look for most men.

You are now equipped (hopefully) to go out and purchase your first pair of jean that looks good, fits good and feels good. Congrats!


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