The Brits Pick: Aztec

Reporting from the Motherland 

The aborigine, Incan, tribal look is massive this season, layering pattern over pattern to appear like you have lived in an African tribe for the past 100 years is now acceptable. I love the long tribal dress buttoned up to the neck, it is super elegant yet right on trend.

For those of us that become cross eyed when too many patterns are placed in front of us can throw on a huge aztec shrug over a pair of skinnys, high heeled boots and top with massive sunnies to still add a splash of tribal goodness to our everyday look.

Bangles-Topshop, Belt-ASOS, Long Dress-ASOS, Bag-Urban Outfitters, Sunnies-Creme de la crème, Long Cardigan-ASOS, Blouse and Skirt-ASOS, Leggings-River Island, Shoe Boots-Sole Struc

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